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Our Service

We are a leading Quantity Surveying practice with almost 20 years’ experience. We offer a wide range of services in a professional pragmatic fashion, some of which are :

  • Quantity Surveying

  • Project Management

  • Strategic Cost Advice

  • Capital Allowance Advice

  • Procurement Advice

  • Development/Construction Bond Negotiation

  • Contractual Claim Analysis

  • Construction Cost Research

  • Quantative Analysis

  • Strategic Planning and Asset Management

  • Negotiation

  • Expert Witness

  • Risk Management

  • Insurance Reinstatement Valuations

  • Tax Depreciation Calculations

Some of our Clients



We provide effective and professional competitive tendering of projects for small/medium to large sized building contractors, offering viable alternatives where appropriate. As all building contracting firms differ in size and makeup,  We familiarise ourselves with each operation regarding in-house trades/services, subcontracting options and overheads before we carry out any pricing works.  This enables us to be more accurate with quotation/tenders, which would be linked and in proportion to the firms financial and trade capabilities.


Energy Efficient Buildings


Our practice offers a cost analysis for to find the best economic way to achieve an energy efficient building or A rated building.


Building Control Regulations 2014 


Following the introduction of S.I. No. 9 2014 on 1st march 2014, a number of additional roles have been introduced to the construction sector in Ireland.  

Apart from the obvious new roles of design certifier, assigned certifier, ancillary certifiers, there is a new role for the builder, which has not been publicised as offer or in depth as the other above mentioned roles.  

According to the regulations the contractor/builder must keep a file of all compiled certifications of both labour and materials associated with each element of the build.  This is going to put increased pressure on medium to small-scaled builder, who are already overloaded with paperwork. If a builder/contractor decides not to compile a cert file then they may be leaving themselves open for litigation at a later date. My practice will be offering certification compilation service for individual contracts, leaving the builder’s hands and mind free to do what they do best, build.  




We can provide a cost control clinic in your home at your convenience   Get realistic advice to maximise you space on a budget & realise hidden potential in your home.  

We provide professional, practical, advice and solutions to give you your dream project within your budget.  

Avoid badly planned extensions/builds & costly mistakes.  

We provide a complete Project management of your construction project, offering a complete design and build project which takes the stress and strain out of the construction end, leaving you enjoy a fully completed dream home/extension. A total turn key.




We prepare insurance claims and advice on what insurance cover is appropriate for your building.




We offer an add on project management service in conjunction with our quantity surveying service if required by our clients. We cover all types of projects as previously listed. 




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